Rental Terms

1. Rates, Amendments & Cancellation Conditions

A) The term of hire and return location is listed on the Agreement. You must comply with this. There are no refunds for early returns.

B) Piggy Packers Rentals (“PPR”) will not make changes to rates or conditions once Your hire has been confirmed unless You request an amendment or change, and You will be advised of any changes at that time.

C) If you request to downgrade the vehicle type from the confirmed vehicle You will not be entitled to a refund.

D) All amendments or changes (including extensions of hire) are subject to availability and approval from PPR. You must request these changes 48hrs in advance. Note a credit card admin fee applies to all payments and this will not be refunded.

E) You may cancel this Agreement:
(i) 7+ DAYS before the pick-up date = 100% full refund of the deposit and / or hire fees (if paid) less any credit card fee.
(ii) 1-6 DAYS before the pick-up date = Any deposit is non-refundable, and the remainder of hire fees (if any paid) will be refunded less any credit card fee.
(iii) On the pick-up date or during the hire = No refund of deposit and/or hire fees is payable.

F) If You change the pick-up date within the cancellation timeframes in (i) or (ii) above, and then You cancel the amended booking, the original cancellation fee will apply.

2. People Authorised to Drive the Vehicle

A) Only the people listed on the Agreement as Authorised Drivers may drive the vehicle. These Authorised Drivers must also be between 21 and 70 years of age; comply with this Agreement; and comply with the terms of their driver’s licence; hold a valid driver’s licence appropriate for the vehicle.

Accepted driver’s licences are:
(i) A full New Zealand driver’s licence (not a restricted licence); or
(ii) A full overseas driver’s licence that is suitable for the class of vehicle.

B) If Your driver’s licence is not in English, the NZTA requires You to have an English translation of the whole licence including any conditions. The original licence and the translation must be shown to PPR when collecting the vehicle. This translation must be done by an NZTA approved translation service, diplomatic representative at a high commission, embassy or consulate or authority that issued the licence.

C) If You would like to add extra Authorised Driver(s) You must provide a copy of the person’s licence checked by a PPR staff member and the additional driver added to the Agreement.

3. Your Obligations

A) You must take all reasonable care when driving and parking the vehicle including locking it when not in use as, subject to clause 6, You are liable to PPR for any loss of, or damage to the vehicle (including spare parts and accessories) arising during the hire excluding fair wear and tear. You are also responsible for any consequential damage or loss or costs including salvage costs, loss of ability to re-hire and loss of revenue and any loss of, or damage to vehicle and property of third parties arising during the hire.

B) If a warning light is illuminated or if You think the vehicle needs mechanical attention You must STOP driving and contact PPR immediately.

C) You must return the vehicle:
(i) clean (all rubbish removed);
(ii) with fuel – at the same level that the vehicle went out with.

D) It is Your responsibility to maintain the oil, water, and tyres at the proper level / pressure.

E) Smoking/Vaping is not allowed in the vehicle at any time.

F) Animals are not allowed in the vehicle at any time (apart from registered guide or assistance dogs).

G) You must only refill the vehicle with the correct fuel type for the vehicle and make sure it is refilled into the correct tank, as You are responsible for any contamination of the fuel or water tanks of the vehicle.

H) You must keep a copy of the Agreement accessible at all times during Your hire.

I) It is Your responsibility to pay for all infringement fees and costs due in respect of offences committed during the hire including offences for traffic, speeding, parking, and tolls.

J) You must ensure that the vehicle is not driven in breach of sections 56, 57 or 58 of the Land Transport Act 1988 (“Act”) – these relate to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

K) You must not:
(i) offer or try to sell, sublet, hire to any other person, or otherwise part with or attempt to part with the possession of the vehicle.
(ii) allow the vehicle to be operated outside Your authority.
(iii) allow the vehicle to be used in any race, speed test, rally, or contest.
(iv) allow the vehicle to be used in breach of the Act, the Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004, the Freedom Camping Act 2011 or any other act, regulation, rule, or bylaw relating to road traffic.
(v) allow the vehicle to be used to transport more passengers or goods than SPECIFIED in the certificate of loading for the vehicle.
(vi) allow the vehicle to be used to transport passengers for hire or reward unless You get prior written permission, and You are appropriately licensed under Part 4A of the Act.
(vii) allow the vehicle to be used if at the time of driving the driver is not the holder of a current driver licence appropriate for the vehicle.
(vii) allow the vehicle to be used in any “off-road” conditions or any surface likely to damage the vehicle including fire trails, beaches, sand, tracks, fields, or paddocks, including: Ninety Mile Beach, Ball Hut Road (Mt Cook) or Skippers Canyon Road.

4. Piggy Packers Rentals Obligations

A) PPR will make sure the vehicle is in a safe and roadworthy condition up to current Certificate of Fitness standards. If You, for any reason, suspect that the vehicle is not, you must immediately stop driving the vehicle and call PPR for instructions.

B) If the vehicle breaks down during the hire because of PPR negligence we will recover and repair the vehicle as soon as possible. If the vehicle cannot be repaired, PPR will use its best endeavours to provide a replacement of an equivalent size and standard to the previous vehicle for the remainder of the hire.

C) Subject to the provisions of the Fair Trading Act 1986 and the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, PPR are only responsible for any direct loss that You suffer because of PPR breach of the Agreement. Unless PPR have breached the specific requirements of these Acts PPR is not responsible for missed flights, disrupted travel or holiday plans, loss of enjoyment or opportunity, indirect or consequential loss.

5. Payment and Additional Charges

A) You must pay the fees listed on page 1 of the Agreement on pick up of the vehicle. Non-refundable credit card administration fees apply for all payments made to PPR – 3% for Visa / Mastercard.

B) You must pay PPR for any additional charges due by You under this Agreement, including any amounts due from damage to the vehicle, or property of a third party, and infringement/toll offences. PPR (acting reasonably) may deduct any such charges from Your credit card during or up to 6 months after the hire.  The following are additional charges:
(i) REFUELLING FEE – Returning the vehicle with a fuel amount of less than what it went out with. A $25 admin fee + amount refuelled.
(ii) CLEANING FEE – Vehicle is returned dirty OR evidence of smoking/vaping or animals in vehicle. A $200 general cleaning fee.
(iii) UNAUTHORISED DROP OFF FEE – Vehicle is not returned to the location listed on the Agreement. Up to $500 retrieval fee.
(iv) CLAIMS / DAMAGE ADMIN FEE – Processing paperwork for a claim or damage incident. $75 payable immediately where excess reduction cover has been taken.
(v) TOLL / SPEEDING INFRINGEMENT ADMIN FEE – Processing an infringement into Your name for traffic or speeding fines, or local authority infringements received during hire. $60 per infringement.
(vi) PREMIUM LOCATION FEE / AFTER-HOURS PICK-UP FEE – Administration fee for organising vehicle for pick up outside of operating hours as listed on Agreement.
(vii) NZ ROADSIDE ASSIST CALL OUT FEE – For any non-mechanical breakdown (e.g. refuelling, incorrect filling of fuel or
water in the vehicle, jump starts, tyre related incidents, salvage, lost keys, keys locked in the vehicle). Actual NZRA fee charged to You.
(viii) LATE RETURN FEE – Vehicle is returned after the date and time listed in the Agreement. Daily rental rate until the vehicle is returned + actual costs and losses suffered by PPR in relation to the failure to return the vehicle on time.
(ix) DAMAGE / REPAIR COSTS – Vehicle or third-party property is damaged during hire where no excess reduction option applies. Actual damage or repair costs to the vehicle or third-party property and the daily rental rate for the vehicle while the vehicle is unavailable for hire by PPR due to repair.

C) You expressly and irrevocably authorise to deduct all charges determined by PPR (acting reasonably) to be payable under this Agreement from Your credit card and such authority will not be revoked without the prior written approval of PPR.

D) You agree that in the event of a dispute arising as to whether a charge has been appropriately charged to Your credit card, You will not seek to have the charge on the credit card reversed, but will rather contact PPR directly to discuss whether the charge has been applied in error.

6. Insurance Cover, Excesses & Exclusions

A) The vehicle is insured by PPR under a comprehensive policy of motor vehicle insurance from a licensed insurance company. If the vehicle is damaged or causes any damage, You must contact us on 04 237 9970 and only deal with us.

B) Your “Excess” (the amount You must contribute towards the cost or repair of the vehicle) if the vehicle is involved in an accident or is damaged while on hire is: $2,000 for all vehicles. Your Excess applies in respect of each separate accident, incident, or new damage, not each rental. You may also make Your own insurance arrangements provided that these are approved by PPR, and a Certificate of Currency is provided. You will still have to pay a Bond to PPR.

C) An Excess Reduction Option is available at $10 per day, to reduce Your Excess to $750 for all vehicles.

D) If PPR provides You with a replacement vehicle after an accident, any excess reduction paid for is not transferable to the replacement vehicle and You will have to pay (again) for the remainder of the hire.

E) Insurance does not include tyre damage, punctures, glass damage, battery theft, or any theft or attempted theft of the vehicle which results in damage or loss where reasonable precautions were not taken by You (such as locking the vehicle).

F) PPR will deduct the Excess from any Bond held or deduct the Excess from the credit card details held (if PPR does not hold a Bond in relation to Your hire) for any additional charges arising because of this Agreement. PPR will give You prior notice by contacting You by email of the deduction of such amounts. In the event the actual costs and damages are less than the Excess, PPR will refund You such amounts.

G) NONE of the excess reduction options apply in the following events and You must pay for the full amount of the costs and damage if:
(i) The driver is under the influence of alcohol or any drug that affects their ability to drive the vehicle.
(ii) The vehicle is driven by someone not authorised on the Agreement or not legally entitled to drive the vehicle in New Zealand.
(iii) The vehicle has water damage due to crossing a lake, river, creek, saltwater beaches, or in low plain flooded areas.
(iv) The vehicle was used in “off-roading” conditions including on any unsealed road (being a road not sealed with hard material such as tar, bitumen, or concrete). Off road conditions include fire trails, beaches, sand, tracks, fields, or paddocks, including the following locations/roads: Ninety Mile Beach, Ball Hut Road (Mt Cook) or Skippers Road. The only exception to this is reasonable use of access roads to recognized commercial campgrounds.
(v) The vehicle has been refilled with the incorrect fuel or any other incorrect contamination of the fuel or water tanks of the vehicle has occurred.
(vi) The vehicle has a single vehicle roll over, which is where the vehicle has rolled or tipped on its side or one or more of its wheels have left the ground and which did not involve a collision with another vehicle. You will have to pay for costs to repair the damage of up to $5,000.
(vii) The vehicle is in an unsafe or unroadworthy condition that began during Your hire and caused or contributed to the damage or loss, and You were aware or should have been aware of the unsafe or unroadworthy condition of the vehicle (including if a warning sensor/light appears in a red zone or if You drive with the handbrake on).
(viii) The costs to get the vehicle back to road level where the vehicle has become bogged, submerged, trapped, restricted or stuck in anyway.
(ix) The driver of the vehicle is fined or convicted of any driving offence under New Zealand law.
(x) The vehicle is driven on a road or ski resort access road without snow chains when snow chains are required to be fitted by the relevant local authority, Transit New Zealand, NZ Police or the relevant ski resort.

7. Bond

A) You must pay a Bond to PPR and supply a credit card with your details on it for security during the hire. This is held as an authorisation / hold on Your credit card and will be released at the end of the hire by PPR to Your card issuing bank (subject to no damage or claims). Depending on Your bank it may then take between 5 to 30 working days for them to release the Bond back to You.

B) PPR may deduct from the Bond any amounts due by You arising because of this Agreement, including any damage and any charges as set out in this Agreement. PPR will give You prior notice by contacting You by email of the deduction of such amounts.

C) PPR may keep all or part of the Bond for such period as they may determine (acting reasonably) after the hire to cover the cost of un-notified damage or damage to third parties or their property. In the event the actual costs and damages are less than the Bond PPR will refund You such amounts.

8. Termination

A) PPR may refuse any rental and/or cancel the Agreement and take immediate possession of the vehicle if You have breached clauses 2 or 3 of the Agreement; OR if the vehicle has been damaged; OR if in the reasonable opinion of PPR or the NZ Police any Authorised Driver does not have sufficient skill or experience to operate the vehicle in a safe manner or the safety of any person or the vehicle is at risk.

B) Cancellation of the Agreement under clause 8A) is without prejudice to the rights of PPR and the obligations of You under the Agreement or otherwise and You will remain liable for all hire fees and additional charges payable under this Agreement.

9. Mechanical Repairs & Accidents

A) If the vehicle is involved in an accident, is damaged, breaks down, or requires repair or salvage, regardless of fault, you must call PIGGY PACKERS RENTALS immediately on 04 237 9970, so we can investigate the problem and help.

B) Do not arrange or undertake any repairs or salvage without PPR permission except if necessary to stop further damage to the vehicle or other property.

C) 24-hour roadside assistance is also provided by NZRA on 0508 NZROAD (697623). This service is free for all mechanical faults, but fees and charges apply for all other non-mechanical breakdowns, faults or driver induced errors. For non-mechanical breakdowns You must pay the fees and charges directly to NZRA or PPR.

D) Following an accident involving the vehicle You must:
(i) If necessary, advise NZ Emergency Services by calling ‘111’, or if Police did not attend, call into the closest Police station to report the incident and get a copy of the Police report.
(ii) Record full details of all parties, witnesses to, and vehicles involved in the accident. If PPR cannot contact the third party with the contact information provided by You, You will be deemed responsible and liable for all costs incurred.
(iii) If possible, take photos of the accident site and damaged vehicles and prepare a written statement of the facts.
(iv) Do not make any admission of liability.
(v) Notify PPR and complete the damage claim form.

E) PPR (acting reasonably) will investigate the accident or incident within 7 days of notification or discovery of the damage to determine if You were at fault and if any of the exclusions in clause 6 apply. PPR may also require a post-accident safety stand down period to enable them to investigate the cause of the accident. Note that if PPR receives further information after this 7-day period it may be necessary to reopen the investigation. PPR will also immediately deduct the Bond (if not held by PPR from Your credit card to cover the costs of repair). The Bond will be refunded to You upon:
(i) the determination by PPR (acting reasonably) that You were not at fault; or
(ii) the determination of PPR (acting reasonably) of the amount that You were at fault in relation to the damage; or
(iii) once the actual costs to repair the damage are known if it is less than the Bond amount.

F) If any of the exclusions in clause 6 apply and the vehicle is in an accident or damaged during the hire, you must pay for the actual costs and PPR (acting reasonably) may immediately deduct the actual costs from the Bond or Your credit card to cover the costs. These amounts will only be refunded to You upon:
(i) the determination by PPR (acting reasonably) that You were not at fault; or
(ii) the determination of PPR (acting reasonably) of the amount that You were at fault in relation to the damage; or
(iii) once the actual costs to repair the damage are known if it is less than the amount paid by You.

G) If a vehicle requires repair or replacement the decision to supply another vehicle to You is at PPR’s sole discretion. You are responsible for all transportation costs to collect any replacement and for any accommodation/living expenses that are incurred. PPR will only be responsible for costs and expenses if such accident, breakdown, or equipment failure has been caused by or contributed to by a breach of this Agreement by or the negligent act, error, or omission of PPR. If it is decided not to supply another vehicle to You, You will not be entitled to any refund for the remaining part of the rental.

H) PPR may not accept liability for any claims notified after the period listed in clause 9(a) unless You can give a reasonable excuse (in the absolute discretion of PPR) as to the failure to provide notice within such period.

10. Privacy

PPR will collect personal information about You and the Authorised Drivers as part of the rental process. PPR may not be able to perform this agreement if all the information requested is not provided.

Any information collected by PPR will be handled in accordance with the PPR Privacy Policy. You agree PPR may collect, use and disclose Your personal information (including but not limited to the location, usage and servicing of the vehicle, speed, distance travelled, locations visited) through GPS tracking and diagnostics and other electronic tools in accordance with the PPR Privacy Policy. You have rights of access to and correction of Your personal information.

Your personal information may also be disclosed to local authorities for infringement processing and insurance companies and to other hire operators for promoting safe driving in New Zealand when in PPR’s reasonable opinion the safety of any person or the vehicle is at risk.

11. General Provisions

A) PPR retains the title to the vehicle always.

B) All charges and expenses payable by You under this Agreement are due on demand by PPR including any collection costs incurred by PPR.

C) This Agreement is the entire agreement between us and there are no other representations, warranties or agreements between the parties that have been relied on by You.

D) All Your rights set out in this Agreement are in addition to Your rights under NZ consumer protection laws. Such rights are not excluded, restricted or modified by operation of this Agreement. Please contact us if You have any questions about this Agreement.

E) If any provision of this Agreement is, or becomes unenforceable, invalid, or illegal for any reason it will be deemed to be severed from the Agreement without affecting the validity of the remainder of the Agreement and will not affect the enforceability, validity or legality of the remaining provisions.

F) This Agreement is governed by New Zealand law and the courts of New Zealand have exclusive jurisdiction.

12. Feedback

A) If You have a complaint about Your PPR experience, or have any feedback, please feel free to chat to the PPR staff, and they will try to resolve the issue.

B) If You are not happy with the outcome, address your concerns to [email protected]